Zidane makes a name for himself in Miami

Zidane makes a name for himself in Miami

Zinedine Zidane stood out this Saturday on the sidelines of the Miami Grand Prix sprint.

His name regularly comes to the ears and eyes of his football followers, all waiting for a return to the bench of the phenomenon. Triple winner of the Champions League at the helm of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane has been missing from football for three years now. An eternity.

The face of many brands, the world champion and 1998 Ballon d’Or is not idle. Ambassador of Alpine for a little over a year, the person concerned was in Miami this Saturday to follow as a “guest star” the sprint won by crack Max Verstappen. With the presentation of trophies to be assumed.

A dumpling during the trophy presentation

On this occasion, the former magician got his feet caught in the carpet, or got his brushes mixed up, mistaking the target when it came time to hand over the first runner-up trophy intended for Charles Leclerc. Spontaneously, Zinedine Zidane then advanced towards Sergio Perez, who showed the former captain of the Blues his little ball.

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