Zidane-Deschamps, Stéphane Guy's big tackle

Zidane-Deschamps, Stéphane Guy’s big tackle

If Stéphane Guy welcomed Kylian Mbappé’s stance against the extremes with a view to the legislative elections, he cannot say the same about Didier Deschamps and Zinedine Zidane.

Arriving in the summer of 2021 on RMC after being ousted from Canal +, Stéphane Guy has recently decided to join the channel L’Équipe, where he now serves as a columnist in the various shows of the sports channel. And for his grown-ups in L’Équipe du soir, this Sunday, the 53-year-old journalist notably mentioned
Kylian Mbappé’s stance against the extremes
in view of the legislative elections in France (June 30 and July 7).

“We are experiencing a moment of history. This is unheard of. Never has a captain of the France team displayed his positions so clearly. He also clarified that there would be collective action by the Blues, that it would not be limited to individual positions. I think we are at a pivotal moment”thus launched the former star commentator of Canal +.

Stéphane Guy: “I think that Didier Deschamps could have had this courage”

If he appreciated the clear position taken by the captain of the Blues, Stéphane Guy regrets that other figures of French football, like Didier Deschamps, Zinedine Zidane or Michel Platini, have not had “this courage”.

“It gives me the impression that there is the old France and the new Francehe lamented. Like a sort of generational conflict, without putting Didier Deschamps on trial. Platini, Zidane, Deschamps… They were all quite discreet in that regard. I find that Didier Deschamps could have had this courage. I find it important that athletes get involved in social debates. » If he hasn’t spoken in recent days,
Zinedine Zidane had clearly taken a stand against the far right
on the sidelines of the second round of the presidential elections in 2017.

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