Zarco optimistic for 2024

Zarco optimistic for 2024

A few days after releasing a prototype of the Honda that he will ride next year, Johann Zarco gave an optimistic assessment and spoke about the circumstances of his departure from the Ducati clan.

Johann Zarco will approach the 2024 season with a positive outlook. On November 28, following his last podium with the Pramac team in Valence, the Cannes resident changed garages during end-of-season testing. Back within the LCR training, the French pilot was able to try out what will be his equipment next year. A first contact from which the winner of the last Australian Grand Prix came away with positive things. “ I was reassured about the performance of the Honda, of the new motorcycleto tell me precisely ‘there is still way to evolve’, he confided this Friday in an interview given to France Blue Vaucluse.

So, I would really like to play the Top 10 anyway. » A measured objective, unlike the results he could aim for with the Ducati, which he intends to achieve “with regularity, giving real consistency to Honda”. Despite everything, this does not prevent Johann Zarco from wanting to make the most of what comes his way. “ You have to keep aiming high every time and be ready to take opportunities, he said. The success in Australia this year was consistent and that makes the victory even more beautiful, but there are always hazards during a racing Sunday, and that could give opportunities for victory. »

Zarco: “I was even thinking of stopping my career this year”

This arrival within the team led by Lucio Cecchinello comes with a two-year contract with Honda. What Ducati seemed less inclined to offer to the Habs, the Italian manufacturer having notably submitted the idea of ​​fielding it in Superbike in 2024. Confident that “it’s always a relief when you can sign for the year after” , Johann Zarco does not hide the fact that he had the possibility of remaining in the Ducati fold. However, the Frenchman assures that he had “almost this feeling of not being completely wanted” despite top-notch performances. “ It was hurtfulhe thundered.

It made it possible to open up to others, and seeing big brands, like Honda, which need this expertise, this experience that I had by being efficient each time, it made me really want . » With this contract, Johann Zarco secures his medium-term future and rules out the possibility of retiring which has crossed his mind. “ By opening doors for me and saying to myself ‘come on, take your sports project over two years, see a little further’, because I was even thinking of stopping my career this year, at 33, this meant that, during the year, I regained energy, freshness. » It is Honda which will benefit from these new provisions while the Japanese brand hopes to raise its head after a complicated 2023 season.

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