Yellow vests, hard blow for Canal+

Yellow vests, hard blow for Canal+

The LFP won its case against Canal+ at the Paris Court of Appeal, in the conflict which has opposed the two parties since the end of 2018, against the backdrop of the “yellow vest” movement.

The case dates back to June 2019. At the time, Canal+ decides to initiate proceedings against the Professional Football League before the Paris Commercial Court. The group is seeking compensation due to a series of matches postponed during the 2018-2019 season, due to the “yellow vest” movement and its consequences on the French Ligue 1 championship. No less than forty- six million euros were thus claimed by C+ to the LFP. Four and a half years later, the Paris Court of Appeal rendered a decision favorable to the League.

The information was confirmed this Friday by The Team. If the Court of Appeal was seized, it is because Canal+ had not accepted the first judgment rendered on June 1, 2021 by the Paris commercial court which ruled in favor of the LFP. The latter had even recognized the encrypted channel guilty of “ act of denigration » towards the League, recalled the media. Canal was then required to pay 10,000 euros in damages to the LFP, a sum to which had to be added the 50,000 euros in reimbursement of legal costs.

Another investigation

Two and a half years after the first judgment, the Court of Appeal therefore confirmed that Canal+ was convicted, also ordering him to pay 20,000 euros to the League. A small victory for the Professional Football League which, however, has another file that is much heavier and much more dangerous for it to manage, with the investigation opened by the national financial prosecutor’s office into the creation of the commercial company after the partial transfer of its capital to the CVC investment fund.

The agreement concluded between the LFP and CVC brought in one and a half billion euros to French professional football, in exchange for more than 13% of its lifetime income for the fund. The investigation was opened last February, notably for embezzlement of public funds. Please note, however, that for the time being, no investigation service has been contacted.

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