Yamaha requires patience

Yamaha requires patience

While Fabio Quartararo criticized a greater gap between his Yamaha and the competition after the Qatar Grand Prix, the boss of the Japanese team Massimo Meregalli calls for patience before seeing the situation improve.

Fabio Quartararo made a clear observation. Eleventh in the Qatar Grand Prix this Sunday, the 2021 world champion assured to be “further than last year” aboard his Yamaha despite the progress made this winter by the tuning fork brand. “ The gap between all European manufacturers and us is even bigger, he added. It even seemed like Honda was missing something today (Sunday), they are struggling a lot. But I felt we were even worse today (Sunday). » Boss of the Japanese team, Massimo Meregalli did not try to hide that the situation is far from ideal, assuring that “ Fabio Quartararo has done what he can for the moment ».

“It is certain that we are not happy, we are realistic and objective,” added the Italian leader in comments collected by Canal+. We have listed what we need to do but it takes time. We are progressing, we have improved the top speed, the aerodynamics and we must succeed in making additional progress. We have a lot of work. » Despite the legitimate disappointment born from the results of the first round of the season, Massimo Meregalli wants to see positives despite everything. “We did what we could,” he said. We collected data, we made progress after the sprint race because we had a degradation problem. This was again the case on Sunday but less so. The work continues. »

Meregalli: “He works with the objective of progressing”

At the end of his contract at the end of the season and already having contacts with other manufacturers, Fabio Quartararo could resign himself but “El Diablo” appears to be aware of the reality of the situation and the need to work to redress the situation. head. “ Fabio works well and he tries to be calm, he understands the situation, confided Massimo Meregalli. Maybe he was very nervous and disappointed at the start last year. Now he realized that this is the situation. We don’t have time to compete, but he accepts this situation and we work in the best possible way, in the same direction. »

Yamaha’s luck this season is due to the evolution of the regulations, which offers the Japanese manufacturer the possibility of carrying out numerous tests with its regular riders. Which requires a change of approach on the part of the French driver. “A few years ago he was just trying to win, now he works with the objective of progressing, collecting as much information as possible and carrying out tests, assured his boss. We have already tested new things at Mugello, we will do it again in Portimão. The program is quite busy and you will have to cover as much of it as possible. » The question will be whether this will be enough to allow Yamaha to regain its place at the forefront when Ducati, KTM and Aprilia have redoubled their efforts this winter to develop motorcycles that are more efficient than their predecessors.

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