WRC: Discover the program

WRC: Discover the program

While the current season is not yet over, the WRC unveiled the calendar for the next year this Thursday, with thirteen dates on the program. As tradition dictates, the year will kick off in Monte-Carlo in January, with the curtain dropping in Japan in November.

The 2023 season is not over yet. However, the 2024 calendar is already known. At the dawn of the penultimate round of the year, from October 26 to 29 in Central Europe, and while Kalle Rovanperä, who nevertheless reaches the goal, is not yet officially world champion for the second year straight away, the WRC lifted the veil on the calendar for next season. It must be said that it will be very similar to the one which will end on November 19 in Japan, the 13th round on the menu of the 2023 agenda. It will be the same during the next financial year, which will also end in Japan, certainly a a little later (November 24). For the rest, we take practically the same ones and start again. Thus, this World Championship will again offer thirteen dates.

Big first for Latvia

As tradition dictates, the Monte-Carlo rally will obviously open the show, from January 25 to 28. This will be followed by Sweden (February 15 to 18), the Kenya rally (March 28 to 31), Croatia (April 18 to 21), Portugal (May 9 to 12), Sardinia (May 30 to June 2), Poland (June 27 to 30), Latvia (July 18 to 21), Finland (August 1 to 4), Acropolis Rally, Greece (September 5 to 8), Chile (September 26 to 29) , Central Europe (October 31 to November 3) and therefore, finally, Japan. Once again, the drivers, who will only leave the Old Continent for three meetings: Kenya, Chile and Japan, will therefore spend a large part of the season in Europe, including a return to Poland. , which had not appeared on the calendar since 2017. Latvia, for its part, will make its big debut this summer.

Next season’s schedule
January 25 to 28: Monte-Carlo (asphalt/ice)
February 15 to 18: Sweden (snow)
March 28 to 31: Kenya (land)
April 18 to 21: Croatia (asphalt)
May 9 to 12: Portugal (land)
May 30 to June 2: Sardinia (land)
June 27 to 30: Poland (land)
July 18 to 21: Latvia (land)
August 1 to 4: Finland (land)
September 5 to 8: Acropolis (land)
September 26 to 29: Chile (land)
October 31 to November 3: Central Europe (asphalt)
November 2 to 24: Japan (asphalt)

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