Wokism, self-censorship, Candeloro’s rant

Wokism, self-censorship, Candeloro’s rant

His on-air slip-ups made him famous. Philippe Candeloro, the former skater behind the microphone, regrets his freedom of tone.

« We can’t say anything anymore” or “it was better before “, is the content of the interview given to Figaro La Nuit by Philippe Candeloro, former skater, double Olympic medalist and vice-world champion in 1994. Renowned for his unfiltered comments that some would consider sexist and racist today , Nelson Monfort’s sidekick soon behind the microphonein the comments, has the feeling of no longer being himself on the air.

« Today with #MeToo, with wokism, we are no longer as natural as at the starthe whispers to journalist Thibaut Gauthier, skates on his feet. We are not told: “You can’t say that, you can’t do this.” We self-censor out of fear. Fear that every word we say could almost be an insult. » And to insist: “ I’m straight. Is it a disease today? I have the impression that yes… It frustrates me that we are supposedly a country of freedoms and that ultimately, we are no longer as free as that. »

“Stupid schoolboy jokes” for signature

To justify his legendary banter, the person concerned readily highlights his Norman origins. “ They’re trying to take away my DNA, the way I’ve lived my whole life, that is to say with my stupid schoolboy jokes. I have a Norman mother, so we went to Norman weddings where we had fun turning the napkins », he laughs.

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