Who is Julian Bugier's famous companion, older than him?

Who is Julian Bugier’s famous companion, older than him?

The star presenter of the 1 p.m. news on France 2 is married to economic journalist Claire Fournier, eight years his senior.

Julian Bugier has become one of the faces that count on France 2. As evidenced by the system put in place this May 8 by France Télévisions for the arrival of the Olympic flame in Marseille, the self-taught journalist being on the front line from 9:30 a.m. until at the end of the afternoon to present the ceremonies of May 8 in the morning, then an extended edition of the 1 p.m. news and finally the special program organized in the afternoon for the arrival of the Belem and its precious cargo: the Olympic flame.

Julian Bugier has become one of the most popular France Télévisions presenters in recent years. Appointed head of 1 p.m. in January 2021 following the departure of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau for TF1, he nonetheless remains discreet about his private life, taking particular care not to expose his relationship with Claire Fournier, his wife of almost fifteen years old and the mother of her two children, Lucien, born in 2011, and Gabrielle, born in 2013.

“I am a rather modest person. I’m not a movie star or a successful singer, so I don’t want to flaunt my private life.” he recently explained to Tele-Leisureadding: “Now, I speak a little more freely on social networks. When people ask me questions, I answer them willingly. » However, his partner is also very well known since Claire Fournier is an economic journalist at LCI after having worked at I-Télé or France 5.

“We were both at Bloomberg. She in New York, me in London. One day we met and it was love at first sight,” he said about the one who is eight years his senior. Claire Fournier also recently embarked on a new adventure: a podcast entitled Chaud dans in order to break the taboos on menopause and perimenopause.

“I started having problems sleeping, night sweats, feeling hot in the subway, at work, the 51-year-old journalist told Femme Actuelle. So, I started to become interested in the physiological manifestations of perimenopause and menopause and I said to myself that I absolutely had to share all this information with other women, because there is no no reason why we should be left alone with these questions. »

“With my husband, I had to do some teaching, indeed, at the beginning. He was a little surprised that I intended to reveal myself like that, because he told me ‘all the same, you are an extremely modest person’. It’s true that we both never, well, very rarely appear in public.” she continued, specifying: “I told him ‘don’t worry, it’s really going to be about me, and I’m not going to talk about our relationship specifically’. But I must say that after having done this teaching, he understood that it was important to me and today, he supports me.

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