Who is Hervé Mathoux's new partner?

Who is Hervé Mathoux’s new partner?

Star presenter of Canal Football Club, usually very discreet about his private life, Hervé Mathoux has revealed some secrets about his new wife.

Personalities present on the set of Canal Football Club, Hervé Mathoux is not the most expansive. Whether on air, where his role imposes a certain neutrality unlike his various consultants, who are more committed, or behind the scenes, the sports journalist rarely lets himself go. But once is not customary, he revealed some secrets about his private life on the show At Jordan’s.

Questioned by Jordan De Luxe, the 57-year-old host revealed that he recently had a fifth child from a third woman. A toddler now 2 years old. “When we say, ‘I had children with three women,’ that makes me sound a bit unstable, he confides. In fact, I have love stories that are long, beautiful and have happy endings since I have excellent relationships with all my ex-wives. »

Five children aged 2 to 29

This relationship with his new partner, named Claire, Hervé Mathoux had until then kept it secret from the general public. Even his interlocutor, a well-informed celebrity columnist, knew nothing about it, thinking he was still in a relationship with a certain Maryline, who shared his life previously. “Because what did you want?” That I hold a press conference? »joked the Canal+ presenter.

Despite its “small flaws”like the fact that it is “a bit messy”the former journalist of Téléfoot has therefore found love with Claire, whom he rubs shoulders with “for three and a half years”. And here he is, a father again. How did his five children, aged 2 to 29, react to his separations? “ It’s never a pleasant moment but it’s always gone well because I’ve been as successful with my separations as with my unions. »

And to add: “My children are very united among themselves, they consider each other as brothers and sisters, all of them. And I continued to accompany them as much as before. » Particularly in the way of managing the notoriety of their TV star father: “Kids usually don’t understand why people get all excited when they see you, so it took a while to explain to them why they know Dad. »

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