What is Carole Gaessler's surprising salary?

What is Carole Gaessler’s surprising salary?

Star presenter on France 3, Carole Gaessler must be content with very modest emoluments compared to what is practiced on television.

Carole Gaessler is one of the faces who embody the Olympic Games on France Télévisions. Since last summer, the journalist has presented the magazine “At the Games, Citizens!” » every day on France 3 at 8:40 p.m. His arrival at the head of this daily newspaper did not fail to amaze people considering his career on the third channel.

For thirteen years, Carole Gaessler was in fact the emblematic presenter of 19/20 in addition to being at the helm of the show Roots and Wings, another phase program of France 3. A logical continuation after having provided replacements the presentation of the various national newspapers or having officiated on Soir 3 at the weekend or even sharing the presentation of the 1 p.m. news of France 2 with Rachid Arhab.

Nathalie Rihouet would receive five times more

“Delphine Ernotte’s roadmap was clear. Athletes had to be able to identify with it, but also for everyone to see themselves there. I am not a sports journalist, and I have no intention of becoming one, she confided to TV Star. What interests me is emotion. This is what drives a champion to give his best. »

And according to the magazine Biba, the France 3 journalist has not seen her salary soar with this daily. His emoluments would in fact only be 6,000 euros per month. A very substantial sum obviously but which remains modest if we compare them to what is practiced in the world of television. His colleague Nathalie Rihouet would thus receive 30,000 euros per month while Harry Roselmack’s salary would be 300,000 euros.

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