Max Verstappen only won by seven tenths, but Max Verstappen still won this Sunday at Imola during the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, securing his fifth victory of the season and the 59th of his career. Lando Norris pushed him to his limits in the final laps, and this lovely duel is debriefed this Monday by “We’re doing F1 again”. On Youtube and on TwitchOlivier “Alonsista” Frigara, the presenter and host, inveterate fan of Fernando Alonso, Christophe Degraeve and Alain “Don Camillo” Di Duca, crazy about Scuderia Ferrari, deliver their feelings in good humor and with bad faith – they care about it -, on this seventh Grand Prix of the season.

Where is Mercedes going?

The “paddock fans” will return to the pressure put on Red Bull by McLaren and Ferrari, Charles Leclerc, Oscar Piastri and Carlos Sainz Jr having finished in the Top 5 on Sunday. Another topic of the day: the difficulties of Mercedes, after the sixth and seventh places of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, more than 35 seconds from the winner. The Silver Arrows seem to have become the fourth force on the board, far from their former glory. Yet the team’s leaders continue to display their ambitions as if nothing had happened. Have they become blind? Coué method? The “We’re redoing F1” gang gives their opinion. Enjoy watching!