Verstappen, is it over?

Verstappen, is it over?

With Lewis Hamilton leaving for Ferrari next season, there is a free seat at Mercedes for 2025, and team boss Toto Wolff has launched a new call for Max Verstappen to leave Red Bull. The decision should be made during the summer.

What if the 2024-25 offseason saw the last two Formula 1 world champions change teams? While Lewis Hamilton has already signed up with Ferrari for next season, his future ex-team Mercedes would see himself replacing him with Max Verstappen, although under contract with Red Bull until the end of 2028. But relations between the Dutch driver and the Austrian team have cooled off recently, particularly following the investigation into Red Bull boss Christian Horner for “inappropriate behavior”.

Mercedes are ready to jump at the opportunity, and Horner’s Silver Arrows counterpart, Toto Wolff, has called out the 26-year-old driver on the microphone of Fox Sports Australia. “We have an open spot, the only one among the top teams – unless Max decides to leave. Max is my #1 pick if he’s free. So it’s a kind of relationship that has to happen at some point, but we don’t know when. »

Mercedes already tried to recruit Verstappen ten years ago

Toto Wolff would see himself well ” to buckle the buckle “ with the current three-time world champion, whom he had the opportunity to recruit in 2014 when he was racing in Formula 3, at the age of 17. “I had seen him in Formula 3, he was very good. I have a good relationship with his father, so we sat down at my house in Vienna and asked, ‘What can we do?’ “, says Wolff.

“I couldn’t give him a seat in Formula 1. I said, ‘Let’s do F2 together, I’ll fully fund it and guarantee you a place next year in the car.’ But they said: ‘I have an offer from Red Bull for Toro Rosso from now on.’ “I knew we wouldn’t be able to compete with that. In the middle of the following season (in 2016, editor’s note), he replaced Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull and took the seat. » The beautiful story then began, and it has lasted for eight years. Will it end in a few months?

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