UFOs and NASA, the surprising confession of Nelson Monfort

UFOs and NASA, the surprising confession of Nelson Monfort

A key figure in public service sport, Nelson Monfort claims to have witnessed a paranormal phenomenon.

At 71 years old, and after 45 years of journalism, Nelson Monfort covers sporting events with the same passion as ever. on France Télévisions. Invited by Guillaume Pley on the Legend set, the Franco-American interviewer confided as rarely recently, notably addressing a subject close to his heart.

In 2019, with the help of science journalist and doctor in the history of science Ivan Kiriow, Nelson Monfort published a book with Michel Lafon entitled “UFO: Are We Alone?” And for good reason, the person concerned claims to have witnessed, while he was on vacation in the Alps in 1983 with his wife and friends, a ” Close encounter of the first kind ».

“Hyper-superior intelligences”

« What I saw with some friends was a vision of about fifteen seconds of a very bright rectangular object, oscillating at 45 degrees and fleeing at dizzying speed towards the cosmos. » – an unidentified flying object which was then « totally silent ». « I am a fairly Cartesian person, I saw what is called a first-type encounter “, affirms Nelson Monfort.

Since then, and after much research to write his book, the septuagenarian journalist is convinced: ” There is a very good chance that we are not alone. “However, he readily admits to remaining in the dark.” What is it about? Who is it about? I can’t answer that. In any case, they must be intelligences that are hyper superior to ours since if they come to visit us to stay 20 seconds and leave, it’s because they have a civilization that is necessarily much more advanced than ours. »

To support his argument, Nelson Monfort cites the experience of the Apollo 10 mission, which was ignored by NASA, the famous American space agency: ” In 1969, there was Apollo 10. The Apollo 10 lunar module pilots saw things that NASA asked them not to disclose. »

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