TV rights, good news for Canal+ subscribers!

TV rights, good news for Canal+ subscribers!

There is a good chance that Canal+ will continue to broadcast Ligue 1 next season, according to Pierre Maes, international sports TV rights consultant,

The Professional Football League is facing a real headache regarding Ligue 1 TV rights. While beIN Sports seemed well on its way to winning the prize for the period 2024-2029, the Qatari group would now be reluctant to invest massively. A strategy which could force Vincent Labrune and the LFP to lower their demands, they who hoped to sell all the lots for an amount of around 900 million euros.

For its part, Canal+ has already made it known that it does not intend to position itself and is sticking to this course, at least officially. In recent seasons, the encrypted channel had obtained two matches per day, Saturday at 9 p.m. and Sunday at 5 p.m., but at a price well above the market, which collapsed after the Mediapro fiasco. What Maxime Saada, the boss of Canal+, did not digest. Could the situation change in the coming weeks?

“The probability that there will be Ligue 1 on Canal+ next season is great”

Pierre Maes, international consultant in sports TV rights, is convinced that Canal+ subscribers will still be able to follow Ligue 1 at the start of the next school year. “I don’t think we can talk about revenge from Canal+, because behind that there are pragmatic things. Today, Canal+ is broadcasting two top Ligue 1 matches and I don’t see the channel telling its subscribers: ‘Next season, you will no longer have Ligue 1′”he analyzed on the L’Equipe channel.

“This is a risk that a pay channel does not take, because it is very attentive to unsubscription and this decision could drive away many subscribersadded the specialist in the show Greg’s team. That’s objective data without talking about emotion or revenge. For me, the probability that there will be Ligue 1 on Canal+ next season is great. » This will undoubtedly require the LFP to make a move. The standoff is not over.

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