TV rights: Canal+, bad news confirmed!

TV rights: Canal+, bad news confirmed!

While Canal+ is expected by some to be the savior of French football, the encrypted channel has no plans to invest in Ligue 1.

The situation is becoming more and more critical. Two months before the start of the next season, Ligue 1 still does not have a broadcaster and the clubs no longer hide their concern. The first option, namely a 100% Ligue 1 channel operated by beIN Sports thanks to the support of Canal+, appears to be completely deadlocked, the encrypted channel not intending to offer the guaranteed minimum hoped for by the Qatari group.

As for plan B, namely a channel launched by the Football League and available to all operators, it also seems poorly implemented. “ I have a hard time imagining how, two months before the Championship restarts, they can launch a channel, confided Pierre Lescure, former president of Canal+. It must be financed and marketed. Being in such a rush, we’ve never seen that. I’m worried about this season. All medium and small clubs will suffer. I don’t think about the richest. »

Canal does not want to give a single euro to the League

“This will not end gloriously,” added the TV man, who does not exclude that Canal+ drags things out to recover Ligue 1 at a knockdown price. However, according to The team, the situation is even more worrying. Canal+ would in fact have no intention of spending the slightest euro on Ligue 1, its president Maxime Saada still having the problem in his throat.
” treason “ of 2021…

“We do not participate in discussions over the counter. We do not have an agreement with DAZN or beIN on the continuation. When the process of selling Ligue 1 rights is finalized, we will notify, he told Le Figaro last month. Which means that Canal does not rule out distributing a possible 100% Ligue 1 channel, operated by beIN Sports or the League.

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