TV presenter accused, Marie Portolano responds

TV presenter accused, Marie Portolano responds

Having arrived on France 2 last year, Marie Portolano, the former presenter of Canal Football Club, supports Thomas Sotto, with whom she presents Télématin. The TV presenter is taking a hit in a Télérama investigation.

Huge controversy surrounding Thomas Sotto, the star presenter of Telematin. Several collaborators and ex-collaborators of the France 2 morning show co-presented by Marie Portolano are spilling the beans in an investigation by Telerama. Working conditions are visibly catastrophic around the 51-year-old journalist who worked for M6 and Europe 1. Eight programmers have succeeded one another over the past three years and one of them is still on sick leave for “discomfort at work”. “Thomas is the divine word. They are te-ta-ni-zed before him.”says a team member.

Marie Portolano had the opportunity to defend her partner to the weekly. The former presenter of Canal
Football Club
evoked “a workaholic, ultra-rigorous man” and explains: “The show is not the same: when he is there, there is no hitch”. It is an understatement to say that the sports journalist, currently on maternity leave, has fallen into another world, far from the joyful set shared with Hervé Mathoux and Pierre Ménès on Sunday evenings. And the presentation of the Best pastry chef on M6, from 2021 to 2023, also seemed much more fun than Telematin

Marie Portolano and Thomas Sotto interviewed

Thomas Sotto responds to the accusations in this article by
Telematin: “I want us to play the ball. And if we lose, it doesn’t matter. What I don’t like is when we haven’t tried. Do I put pressure on the teams? Yes, probably, because that’s part of my job. I have desires that are a little too limitless, perhaps.”.

That said, former employees of Telematin are going wild. “I’ve never seen a presenter that everyone was so afraid of.”assures a former collaborator. “I came with a knot in my stomach. I thought about changing jobs.”regrets another. “There is disrespect on his part, cold anger, he denigrates the work”says another person who attended the France 2 morning show. The atmosphere is likely to be very special when the show resumes in September.

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