Troubles continue for Sergio Perez

Troubles continue for Sergio Perez

Sergio Pérez will start with a three-place penalty on the starting grid on June 23 during the Spanish Grand Prix. The Mexican driver from the Red Bull team, who will have to pay a fine of 25,000 euros, was penalized for entering the pits with a “significantly damaged” car.

Sergio Perez has just come out of another black Sunday. And he could experience another one next June 23 in Barcelona, ​​during the Spanish Grand Prix, the next round (the 10th of the season) on the F1 World Championship calendar. Shortly after being forced to throw in the towel for the second consecutive race, Sunday evening during the Canadian Grand Prix, won by Max Verstappen, the Mexican driver from the Red Bull team learned that he would be sanctioned in Spain.

Exactly, Max Verstappen’s teammate will start on Sunday from the starting grid of the Catalan circuit with a three-place penalty. The stewards of the Canadian Grand Prix, which Perez left after leaving the track even though he had already gone no further than Q1 the day before during qualifying, estimated that the current 5th in the provisional general classification had returned to the pits at the wheel of a “significantly damaged” car. “The car had lost numerous carbon fiber parts on its way to the pits,” explained the FIA ​​in a press release. Once he made a mistake, “Checo” should have stopped, as required by the regulations in such a situation.

Horner: “Checo will have to come back strong at Barcelona”

The Mexican, on the contrary, returned to the track with the intention of returning to the pits. A prohibited maneuver for which his team also paid the price. The Red Bull team was also penalized, in the form of a fine of 25,000 euros. The investigation by the race commissioners shows that it was at the request of his team to head to the pits to avoid the safety car that Perez returned to the track. “It was a horrible weekend for Checo and obviously we suffered some damage. He will have to come back strong at Barcelona,” analyzes Christian Horner afterwards, certain of being able to trust his driver, whose contract he has just extended. “He will be determined to come back and show everyone the form that we know he is capable of and that he has shown in the first four races this year. » With certainly a handicap on the grid.

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