Patrick Montel, the incredible comeback!

Treated as a rapist, Patrick Montel pleads guilty

As he prepares to make his comeback on television, Patrick Montel returned to the accusations of sexual assault to which he was the subject.

Patrick Montel found a microphone. Not to comment on athletics, as he dreams of, and even more so two months before the start of the Olympic Games, but to officiate at the microphone of the reality TV show Les Apprentis Champions, which will be broadcast on W9. And if his presence alongside Paga and Laurent Maistret, two reality TV regulars, is surprising, the former France Télévisions journalist did not hesitate.

“I am ready to comment on everything as long as people give their all to the effort, he explained to Télé-Poche, confident nevertheless: “I had never watched reality TV in my life. » The athletics specialist will nonetheless continue to feed his @RadioMontel account on social networks. “I am interested in Mr. and Mrs. Everyman, whose sporting performances can serve as an example. »

Patrick Montel accused of being a rapist

Patrick Montel also continues to comment on certain athletics meetings, his first passion, which was the source of a lively controversy last summer. Present in Budapest for the World Championships, he was too tactile with the Frenchwoman Auriana Lazraq Khlass, in the eyes of many Internet users. Coming to meet her after her 12th place in the heptathlon, Patrick Montel had hugged the young athlete, the latter also seeming to want to free herself from the embrace after a few seconds even if she did not lose her smile.

“You have to let go of it at some point though, it’s embarrassing”, “it’s clinging like a mussel to its rock”, “The more the video progressed, the more uncomfortable I became, I felt impression that she felt like a prisoner”, “the horrible hostage taking, horror film”, “The kiss and the hand taped around the neck is not obligatory on the other hand”, “Let go maybe no? », “Very embarrassing…”, “This paternalism, this way of gripping him, this video is really very uncomfortable”… These are some of the comments posted to react to this sequence, some not hesitating to call him a rapist.
A controversy to which Patrick Montel returned. “With Auriara, we provided commentary for a meeting in Metz for Athlé TV, he explained. I then found her backstage to congratulate her. This company scares me. But I plead guilty: I will be careful from now on who I kiss. »

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