“Those queers”, Denis Balbir is at it again!

“Those queers”, Denis Balbir is at it again!

As he prepares to return to the forefront during Euro 2024, Denis Balbir replayed the sequence which earned him his dismissal from M6.

Denis Balbir was heard. Two years after the end of his adventure at M6, the former Canal+ journalist will comment on the Euro in Germany on Winamax TV, the sports betting site’s web TV. “ I always want it, I need it and finding yourself on the sidelines always hurts a little.”
he recently confided in the columns of L’Equipe, adding:
“There is no age limit for commenting. Maybe the channels are saying: ‘Balbir is too expensive.’ But they are wrong. »

And for the announcement of his big return behind the microphones, the one who made his debut as a journalist at NRJ agreed to play the card of humor, even impertinence. Denis Balbir indeed replayed his homophobic slip at the end of the match between Olympique de Marseille and Leipzig, in the spring of 2018. « I’m very happy for these arrogant fags there, in the first leg as they were sure to win”, he said about the German club after the Marseille qualification, thinking his microphone was cut.

Denis Balbir admitted his mistake

In a video posted by Winamax on social networks, Denis Balbir appears with his helmet screwed on his head, chatting with a colleague in a commentator’s booth.
« If you take Romania in the eighth we are good. In any case I’m very happy for these pe….» , he says before being cut off by a voice in control: « Hop hop hop, Denis your microphone is open!» And Denis Balbir continues as if nothing had happened: « For those arrogant Netherlands who were sure to win there. »

Wondering the reasons for his ouster from M6 in 2020, Denis Balbir is convinced that the controversy which followed this slip-up, like that, a few months earlier, about women who comment on men’s football, played a role. “ No doubt, maybe… We’ll never know. On the women’s episode, I gave an opinion, perhaps a little old-fashioned,
he confided. I regret it, it was a mistake. For the post-match in Marseille, I was not on the air…”

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