Things are heating up between Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly!

Things are heating up between Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly!

Pierre Gasly did not mince his words against Sebastian Ocon at the end of the Monaco Grand Prix, marked by a collision between the two teammates on the first lap of the race.

The Monaco Grand Prix risks leaving its mark on Alpine. Consequence of the collision which occurred shortly after the start between Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon. A fatal incident for the second, forced to retire, and which augurs complicated days for the former Force India driver. Because for Bruno Famin, the boss of the team, Esteban Ocon is the only one responsible for the collision, which occurred at the entrance to the tunnel of the Monaco circuit.

“It’s sad this kind of incident, it’s exactly what we didn’t want to see, Esteban’s attack was totally out of circumstance, exactly what we didn’t want to see, and we will learn from it the results. We’re going to decide straight away.” he said at the microphone of Canal+ while the person concerned tried to minimize the incident. “It’s an unfortunate incident, it hits home a bit and it’s me who gives up,” he simply explained.

Pierre Gasly “disappointed” by Esteban Ocon

Pierre Gasly had a completely different vision of the incident. ” What did he do ? What did he do ? Why did he try to attack me? », he said on the radio at the time of the incident. And the Norman was not calm at the end of the race despite his 10th place at the finish. “Unfortunately what happened in the first round should never happen, even less between teammates. he first confided to the microphone of Canal+. We had fairly clear instructions at the start of the race on what we had to do and it was clearly not to attack like that and take so many risks. These are things that will be discussed and today I’m just happy that we still managed to save a point with the team and that we were able to finish the race with a car. Even though we should have ended up with both and at that time there were 9 and 10 of us so there were better things to do. »

And the French pilot gave it a once over in front of the British media. “I’m disappointed with Esteban, this shouldn’t happen. Disappointed for the team, where there are 1200 people working for us, we cannot afford this kind of behavior. We had clear instructions before the race, and they were not respected”he whispered, while his teammate apologized flatly on social networks: “ Today’s incident is my fault, the gap was ultimately too small and I apologize to the team for that. »

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