Patrick Montel, the incredible comeback!

“There will be no more beautiful death”, how Patrick Montel wants to die

While he should not be accredited for the Olympic Games, Patrick Montel nonetheless wishes to continue commenting

Patrick Montel is back. The former star commentator of France Télévisions will in fact provide commentary on Apprentis champions, a reality TV show broadcast from May 27 on W9. He will comment on the sporting events contested by the sixteen candidates, supervised by Muriel Hurtis and Pierre-Ambroise Bosse. And if his participation in a program may surprise, “I was just asked to pursue my passion: commentary. It was impossible to refuse”he confided to The team.

Patrick Montel still hopes to be at the Games

“I was as excited about their 100m as I was about a Usain Bolt record. It’s exactly the same for me, except the weather. I see men and women grinding it out on the track and, to me, that means something.”he justified before expressing all his passion for his profession.

“Recently, I covered the 20 km of Maroilles with an audience of 5,000 to 6,000 overheated people waiting for the last one. The guy crosses the line, he’s overweight but greeted like a rock star. Well, you see (he shows the hairs standing up on his arm), I’m not cheating, I get as much chills talking about this boy as when I see Usain Bolt breaking the world record in 9.58, he said. Because at that moment something happens that upsets you. »

And Patrick Montel confides his dream: “For me, there will be no better death than to die commentating. » In the meantime, the former public service athletic specialist still hopes to be at the Olympic Games, even if his accreditation for Radio Montel was refused. “I fought to obtain this sesame because, after having covered twelve Games, and the thirteenth taking place in my garden, I believe that it was the least respect to offer me this possibility. Radio Montel will not be accredited, I only have the hope of being accredited for a media”he explained, warning: “No one will stop me from covering the Olympics in my own way.”

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