The United States and China soon on the calendar?

The United States and China soon on the calendar?

One of the leaders of the world rally championship told Autosport on Tuesday that the United States could host a stage of the world championship from 2025, and China very soon as well.

Since 1988 and the Olympus Rally in Washington State, the World Rally Championship has not stopped in the United States. For the China Rally, we have to go back to 1999, when the only edition was held. But the situation could well change very soon, because the two huge countries are in talks with the leaders of the WRC to return to the calendar. While Kenya, New Zealand and Japan have recently made their return to the WRC after long years of absence, the same should be true for the United States and China.

“There is a huge demand for new rallies to join the world championship,” WRC rally director Simon Larkin told Reuters. Autosport. I don’t mind admitting that the United States is one of our strategic targets. Peter (Thul, WRC senior sporting director) and I have clear instructions from our board and shareholders regarding China. They remain our two key strategic targets. The United States is most likely to come in 2025, then China as quickly as possible. We are trying to find time in our schedule to travel to China to do a road trip this year to a number of interested cities that we are already in discussions with. »

An insurance problem for UNITED STATES ?

Concerning the United States, an insurance problem could however delay their integration into the WRC calendar. “In terms of insurance, the United States is an incredibly complicated market,” says Larkin. We all know that the risk inherent in rallying is high and we must be aware of this. There is no point in having a contract with a city, the tourism body and the government and then having great difficulty achieving the required level of assurance.

For all events, motorsport insurance is becoming more and more expensive and complex. There are a small number of brokers. » We will therefore have to be patient to know the date of the return of the USA and China to the calendar. The 2024 calendar has still not been revealed. It is expected in October.

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