The racist slippage of an on-air consultant

The racist slippage of an on-air consultant

Big controversy on the other side of the Pyrenees where the Movistar channel is in the eye of the storm after a dubious joke about Lamine Yamal.

Barça had a very successful evening on Wednesday on the lawn of the Parc des Princes. The Catalan players were all smiles as they returned to the locker room but were careful not to share this happiness in front of the microphones of Movistar, broadcaster of the match in Spain. The reason ? A racist joke from one of the channel’s consultants, former Argentinian goalkeeper German ‘Mono’ Burgos.

“If it doesn’t work for him (in football), he could end up at a red light,” launched Diego Simeone’s former assistant at Atletico Madrid, while the young Barcelona prodigy was juggling in the warm-up. A racist joke accompanied by big laughs to be sure of its effect. A projection which caused a real scandal in Spain. So much so that the channel had to issue an apology message.

PSG players in solidarity

“On the occasion of the unfortunate comments of one of the collaborators of Movistar Plus + in the pre-match of the Champions League between PSG and FC Barcelona on the Blaugrana player Lamine Yamal, the platform presents its public apologies. “Movistar Plus+ condemns any type of discrimination and will not authorize this type of comments from any of the workers or collaborators linked to the platform”announced the Spanish channel, suggesting that its consultant will be sanctioned: “After what happened, the platform will adopt appropriate measures to ensure that these events do not happen again.”

The controversy had serious consequences for the channel since the Barça players were not the only ones to refuse to speak on Movistar’s microphone. It was the same for those of PSG, who also boycotted the microphones of the Spanish channel in solidarity with their Barcelona counterparts.

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