The No. 8 Toyota retains its Le Mans title

The No. 8 Toyota retains its Le Mans title

Having taken the lead during the night after changing the turbo of the No. 7 Toyota, the No. 8 Toyota (Buemi-Hartley-Nakajima) won the 24 Hours of Le Mans this Sunday for the third consecutive year. Rebellion n°1 finished second.

And three! The absence of Fernando Alonso did not slow down the Toyota number 8. And for the third year in a row, the trio composed of Sebastian Buemi, Kazuti Nakajima and no longer Alonso but Brendon Hartley, luxury relay for the double champion world of F1 (he had already won the event with Porsche in 2017), added his name to the winners of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, contested this year behind closed doors due to the health context and which ended this Sunday at 2:30 p.m. .

In the middle of the night, however, it was the number 7 Toyota, already victorious three times this season in the WEC, which seemed set to climb to the top of the podium on the Sarthe circuit and return to success at Le Mans. But while Jose Maria Lopez, Kamui Kobayashi and Mike Conway, in the lead since the first lap, continued to lead the dance into the night, a turbo problem – last year, it was a puncture which deprived the n° 7 of victory – suddenly forced them to return to their stand to repair (the intervention lasted almost half an hour). The No. 8 Toyota TS 050 Hybrid took the opportunity to take control of the race, and never let go, but without another double at the finish for the Japanese firm.

For its last in endurance, the #1 Rebellion finished second, just ahead of the #7 Toyota. The No. 7 Toyota, cursed in the night and simply cursed at Le Mans, fought for a long time for third place with the other Rebellion, the No. 3. The latter, unfortunately for her, said goodbye to the podium after Louis Delétraz went off the track one hour before the finish of this 88th edition of the legendary Le Mans endurance race. The Rebellion remained in the garage for a long time, and even if the safety car, by neutralizing the race while Delétraz waited in the pit to restart, prevented the number 7 Toyota from taking off, it paid dearly for this return to the pit, and this Lopez, Kobayashi and Conway finished in third place. Given their troubles last night, that’s almost an accomplishment.

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