The heartbreaking confessions of Laure Boulleau

The heartbreaking confessions of Laure Boulleau

Victim of serious mental health concerns in recent years, Laure Boulleau spoke of this episode for the first time.

Laure Boulleau is a busy woman. Having become a mother this winter, the former sideline nevertheless quickly returned to TV sets. Whether for Canal Football Club and its variation for the Champions League or for the new program launched by the encrypted channel, Au micro.

Last year, the native of Clermont-Ferrand had already multiplied projects, whether as part of the program 24 Heures de Boulleau, which she has played for three seasons or for Adventures in Arabia, a documentary presented alongside Jean Imbert. The former player could however be tempted to take it easy. Consequence of the psychological problems from which she suffered in the past.

“I started to panic”

“Two and a half to three years ago, I don’t know what happened, I couldn’t concentrate, I had memory lapses, I started to panic”she recently explained at the microphone of Clique, adding: “I was there without being there. I was starting to think that maybe my days were numbered. My brain wasn’t like it used to be. I had trouble remembering the names of players, even well-known ones. The days after shows, I was exhausted. »

Laure Boulleau was nevertheless quickly able to find the reason for her problems. “In fact, I was on the verge of burnout. And by wanting to do everything well, without knowing how to say no, I almost burned my head,” she explained, adding: “This is the first time I’ve talked about it in the media.”

And the Parisian can talk about her problems all the more easily because she has been able to resolve them. After numerous examinations, a neurologist made a diagnosis of his severe symptoms, confirming burnout and prescribing medication. Enough to allow him to return to a normal life.

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