The happiness of Marc Marquez

The happiness of Marc Marquez

On the occasion of the presentation of the 2024 season of the Gresini team, Marc Marquez wore his new colors for the first time and took stock of his objectives for his debut on the Ducati.

Marc Marquez’s new life officially began this Saturday. After discovering riding a Ducati last November in Valencia during end-of-season testing, the six-time MotoGP world champion wore his new colors for the first time during the presentation of the 2024 season of the The Gresini stable, organized in its stronghold of Riccione. “I’m like a child who has new shoes,” said Marc Marquez after unveiling a motorcycle with unchanged colors compared to 2023. “I’m very happy to be here. Frankly, it’s a bit strange after spending many years with the same team, but it’s a great challenge. »

After having only known the official Honda team in his career in the premier category, the native of Cervera is embarking on a new challenge which comes after difficult years. “I was looking for something different, which was to have fun on a motorcycle again,” he added. The Gresini team was the only one waiting for me, they let me take my time, and when I was ready, I made my choice. It’s a risky challenge for me but very beautiful for the Gresini family, a team with a rich history. »

M. Marquez: “Fighting for the first five or six places”

During the press conference following the presentation ceremony, Marc Marquez could not escape questions regarding his departure from Honda. A decision that he assures was “super difficult” to make, with a decision taken following the Japanese Grand Prix, in Motegi. A new adventure that the pilot at number 93 wants to approach with humility, he who discovers a completely different environment. “If I’m here, it’s because I feel that I have the possibility and the level to fight for the Top 5,” he said. I can’t say I’m going to fight for the championship. To do that, you have to be super good in many ways. I feel like I can still fight for the top five or six places. » Joining Gresini allows Marc Marquez to have the opportunity to “extend (his) career”, ensuring that “it was easy to stay at Honda”, a manufacturer to which he does not intend to close the door in the future. “I would have put less pressure on myself, I would have had more money in my bank account and there would have been a lot of things, but that is not the objective,” he confirms. I am very grateful to Honda. Perhaps, and I hope, we will have a future together but the decision will not come only from me. »

Mr. Marquez: “It’s not normal to be immediately at their level”

The main objective that Marc Marquez sets for himself is to be “fast on the track to have the possibility of choosing”, in order to be “in a better situation to determine (his) future”. The year 2024 will not pass and he hopes it will “crescendo”. “If you eat too quickly, you hurt your stomach,” he added with a touch of mischief. If he is now part of the great Ducati galaxy, the Spanish rider assures that he is his “toughest opponent” while he will have a lot to learn in the weeks and months to come. “We have a lot of work, the expectations are very high, the motivation is very strong, but I know that I have to work with my team, in my box, to do what we know we can do,” he said. added.

However, he does not refrain from ultimately competing with Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin, who are “the strongest, those who make the difference” and from whom he must learn the most, he who will have the 2023 model. “I arrives on a bike on which two riders have spent many years and won many races and championships, he concluded. They are super fast and they will have the 2024 bike. They will have the same bike but I arrive and I cannot pretend to be at the same level. It wouldn’t be normal to immediately be on their level. » But the first impressions have left their mark and require confirmation.

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