The French want to finish well

The French want to finish well

Before the last round of the season, this weekend in Valencia, Fabio Quartararo said he wanted to finish on a good note. Johann Zarco, who is preparing to change teams and bikes, assures that he has no time to indulge in nostalgia.

The stations of the cross will end for Fabio Quartararo. Two years after his world champion title, the Yamaha rider will end a season far from his ambitions this weekend in Valencia. With only three podiums, in Austin, India and Indonesia, the Nice native will have to be content with a Top 10 in the championship, having been fighting for the title just a year ago. “ I’m happy to finish, but we really want to do well until the last race and I hope we can finish on a good noteconfided the French pilot in comments collected by the specialized site It’s always better to finish with a good feeling and a good result than with a bad feeling. »

Compared to past seasons, Fabio Quartararo will approach this last round of the season without the pressure of the title race and he concedes that “it’s hard”, even if he wants to see the positive. “ It’s difficult, but you have to see things differently, namely that we have gained a lot of experience this year and that I am working very hard to return to Valencia as I was there in 2022 and 2021 “, he added.

Quartararo: “Determining a direction to take”

At the end of this Valencia Grand Prix, the drivers will already launch 2024 with a day of testing at the Ricardo-Tormo Circuit. However, Fabio Quartararo is cautious, hoping to see bigger changes early next year. “ I shouldn’t expect something very, very big.says the Habs. Above all, I must expect a test that will help determine a direction to take., more on the left or right side, but it will not really be a test where we will have to hope for very big things. »

A day of testing which will be synonymous with big changes for Johann Zarco, who will swap his Ducati from the Pramac team for the Honda from LCR. However, before his last race within the Italian team, the Cannes resident assures that he has “not much time to be nostalgic”. “ I’m quite happy to have a new challenge, to start a new chapter, to turn the page », he added in comments collected by It must be said that the sequence between the Valencia Grand Prix and these first tests will be very quick, with less than 48 hours between the two events.

Zarco: “We want to give a show, a show, a show”

« You only get nostalgic when you go home and you have nothing left to do, concedes Johann Zarco. There, after the race, everyone goes running to prepare for the ceremony which will be void, then Monday we are in another box, Tuesday we ride on another motorcycle. You no longer have time to sit down and tell stories. » While the 2023 season saw the introduction of a sprint race at each Grand Prix, the Cannes native claims that the latter “have demystified these Sunday races”, that starting a race has “become normal”.

“Now, you no longer have anything unique because we want to do everything, we want to give a show, a show, a show, more and more,” he adds. Suddenly, it makes you very strong as a man, as a pilot, but you almost no longer have a story to tell because there is nothing unique anymore. For me, it takes away my emotions. » If he hopes to conclude his time on the Ducati with a last podium, the Habs intends to help Honda get back on their feet. “There is a big difference but when you analyze everything well enough, the difference is not that big,” he says. This is what gives others great hope. A few changes will allow the other bikes to be in front. »

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