The FFF is considering “bankruptcy filings”, the terrible announcement for French clubs

The FFF is considering “bankruptcy filings”, the terrible announcement for French clubs

The president of the FFF, Philippe Diallo, discussed the thorny issue of TV rights for the French championship, which still does not have a broadcaster for next season. The boss of French football is worried and fears the worst for certain clubs.

Time is running out and concerns are growing… Less than two months before the resumption of Ligue 1, the Professional Football League has still not found a broadcaster. After announcing that he was aiming for one billion euros for TV rights over the period 2024-2029, Vincent Labrune revised his demands downward. The boss of the LFP could be satisfied with 500 million euros. But while discussions between beIN Sports and Canal+ are stalling, the League is considering creating its own channel which would cost subscribers 25 euros per month.

Questioned this Wednesday by the Senate Culture Committee, Philippe Diallo made alarming remarks for the French clubs. “I think we will have to wait for the outcome of the current call for tenders for TV rights to see what situation our clubs find themselves in, he indicated. We had two years where the clubs benefited from the contribution of CVC. It is now finished. An amount of rights which is not in line with the estimates which may have been made by the League would plunge a certain number of our clubs into great difficulties. If the landing of the current call for tenders was not as expected, we would obviously be faced with very significant financial difficulties which could perhaps lead some to consider filing for bankruptcy. But we’re not there. »

Diallo: “The feeling about French football is that it is undervalued”

The offer would therefore have to be closer to the billion than the 500 million euros mentioned to avoid disaster within certain L1 clubs. “When we talk about the billion, I don’t make it a totem, it’s just the way we look at our competitorsassured Diallo. French football is ambitious football, the League is ambitious because it wants to be in the best European leagues. For that, it is necessary to be able to have players. And to have players, it is necessary to have income. And one of the main sources of income is audiovisual rights. And when we look at the valuation of championships that are comparable to us, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, the feeling of French football is that it is undervalued. The 500 million which were relayed by the press are the valuation made by a certain number of broadcasters but it is not the objective of the league which has set more important objectives. »

And the president of football added to this valuation of 500 million euros mentioned in recent days: “It seems to me that he indicated that these 500 million, which were relayed by the press, are the valuation made by a certain number of broadcasters. And one of the main ones is Canal +, which gave this valuation. But this is not the objective of the League, which has set other, more important objectives. The 500 million mentioned there, other broadcasters, several months ago, offered this sum, which was refused at the time by the League. The League’s goal is more important. Simply, it is the translation today of broadcasters who believe that the championship is at this level of valuation. Rights are first created by the market, competition creates value. »

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