The drama of Nelson Monfort's daughter

The drama of Nelson Monfort’s daughter

Victoria Monfort, known for her role in the TF1 series “Here it all begins” had a very unpleasant experience this winter.

A page has turned for Nelson Monfort. A few months before retirement, the star journalist from France Télévisions covered his last Roland-Garros after almost four decades officiating interviews at Porte d’Auteuil. For the occasion, the TV man was able to count on the presence of his daughter Victoria, who is making a name for herself thanks to her role in the series “Here it all begins” on TF1 or her presence in the play ” I play “.

The 36-year-old young woman had a complicated start to the year. Consequence of the burglary of which she was the victim at the beginning of February in her Parisian home. Present on the TV Mag Buzz TV set, Victoria Monfor returned to this terrible experience.
“It’s obviously very unpleasant. Fortunately, in this misfortune, I was not there, neither my daughter nor my husband, she said; Unfortunately, this happens more and more in Paris as elsewhere. We were on tour, and we weren’t there. They came and they stayed for a very long time. »

“They also say that it is rape in a certain way”

“When we return to our apartment which is devastated, we say to ourselves: ‘Are we going to be able to stay in it?’, she continued, explaining that she had taken drastic measures to prevent this from happening again. We, we decided to equip ourselves so guys, if you come back, it’s a bunker now, but we stayed in the apartment and well that’s life unfortunately. »

By his father’s own admission, the trauma had been great.
« She’s better… It’s a real intrusion. Some say it’s theft, some also say it’s rape in a certain way », he whispered at the beginning of spring.

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