The allocation of points turned upside down

The allocation of points turned upside down

From the 2024 season, the WRC has decided to radically change its points allocation system during rallies.

World rally champion, Kalle Rovanperä retained his crown at the end of the 2023 WRC season. Would the Finn have achieved the double if the points allocation scale at each stage had been different? It’s now official since this Saturday, the system of rewards granted to WRC drivers changes for 2024. And it will place more importance on regularity. The main novelty lies in the fact that from Saturday, points will be distributed to competitors based on the ranking at the end of the day.

Thus, the leader will be credited with 18 units, his runner-up will receive 15 and the third member of the podium will benefit from 13 points (4th 10 points, 5th 8 points, 6th 6 points, 7th 4 points, 8th 3 points, 9th 2 points, 10th 1 point). The next day, points will be allocated again according to the day’s ranking to the seven best (7 points for the first, 1 point for the 7th). The sine qua non condition to appear in these tables is to participate in all the specials, and to finish them within the allotted time.

As for the Power Stage, the last of the weekend, it retains its importance with rewards for the five fastest drivers (5 points for the first, 1 point for the 5th). Therefore, from the 2024 season, the fastest participant over the entire weekend may not pocket more points than other competitors which would better manage the new subtleties imposed by the WRC

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