“That humans can be rotten”

“That humans can be rotten”

While her ex, Giovanni Castaldi, has made their breakup official, Carine Galli is focused on something else. Particularly on animal abuse.

The secret was kept for a long time but on Wednesday, Giovanni Castaldi tapped on his keyboard to announce that his relationship with Carine Galli was history: “ We have been separated for several months with Carine Galli. “, wrote Benjamin Castaldi’s half-brother. Information that her ex has been careful not to talk about until now. But on her social networks, the journalist continues to communicate on other subjects. This Friday, she gave a big rant.

Taking up a message published by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, illustrated by a shocking photo showing the after-effects of a dog named Lola, with a scarred muzzle, Carine Galli expressed her disgust at the actions of certain master torturers. “ That humans can be rotten. Every day, all this animal cruelty turns my heart and makes me sick. » All accompanied by three vomiting emoticons and three others in the shape of a broken heart.

Euro 2024 on M6

While she herself owns a dog (Dodu) that she regularly highlights on her social networks, Carine Galli is therefore outraged by the behavior of some people towards animals, in this case dogs. In the meantime, and despite this sad observation, the young woman from Var continues her activities as a journalist, she who is regularly on the air on the channel The Team and which is also present on RTLwhen she is not at the edge of the field to M6.


This week, his presence on the sidelines during the matches broadcast by Channel 6 at Euro 2024 was also announced. Enough to promise him a great summer filled with football and strong moments. She will accompany the commentator duo composed of journalist Xavier Domergue and consultant Christophe Dugarry.

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