Terrible worry about the Dakar

Terrible worry about the Dakar

Having fallen heavily on Sunday during the 2nd stage of the Dakar, Spanish driver Carles Flacon is still in a worrying state.

The Dakar 2024 lives up to its reputation. The tone was also set from the first stage since a Russian spectator, who was “in the middle of the road, in a marked and prohibited area”, was injured only 200 meters after the start, hit by the pick -up Toyota Hilux by Lionel Baud. The unfortunate man escaped with a tibia-fibula fracture.

On Sunday, this time it was the Spanish biker Carles Falcon who was injured following a very heavy fall during the 2nd stage of the Dakar between Al-Henakiyah and Al-Duwadimi, in Saudi Arabia. And the news communicated by his team, TwinTrail Racing Team, is worrying to say the least. “Carles Falcón was admitted this morning to Riyadh Hospital in the intensive care unit. He remains plunged into an artificial coma, while doctors continue to carry out the examinations provided for by the protocol. For the moment the operation on the fracture of the C2 vertebra has been postponed, because the current priority is to reduce cerebral edema, his team announced. This morning, doctors confirmed additional injuries: broken five ribs, left wrist and left clavicle. Carles is accompanied by his teammate Isaac, Aleix and Carla, very close friends who give him the support and affection he needs at the moment. And his family is in constant contact with them to follow developments, while waiting to be able to travel to Saudi Arabia alongside him. His family and friends thank all the messages of support they have received. We will continue to keep you informed as soon as we have news. »

Carles Falcon was found unresponsive by the doctor, who arrived by helicopter sixteen minutes after his fall, reported by a competitor who was behind him. He returned to the event site on his first experience on the Dakar in 2022, marked by the accident of his friend Isaac. “In 2022, we managed the race very well, but in the 9th stage everything changed with Isaac’s accident. This causes you to carry on with the stress of knowing your partner is in the hospital but not knowing exactly what is going on. The following days were very complicated, but I was able to achieve the goal. This year, the goal is for both of us, Isaac and I, to finish,” he explained.

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