Terrible crash in Monaco (video)

Terrible crash in Monaco (video)

A few seconds after the start of the Formula Grand Prix which takes place on Sunday in Monaco, an impressive pile-up took place. No harm to the drivers involved.

Disastrous start to the Monaco Grand Prix for several drivers this Sunday. Barely a few seconds after the competitors set off, Carlos Sainz first suffered a puncture on his Ferrari. And almost immediately, Sergio Perez lost control of his Formula 1 at the rear of the race, hitting a guardrail before seeing his car being largely dismembered.

More than a wheel and a car completely destroyed in the space of a few moments. With his Red Bull, Perez caused the retirement of both Haas, with Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen caught up in the accident. The race marshals immediately waved the red flags, thus neutralizing the race on the first lap.

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