The 2026 regulation gets people talking

Six sprint races on the program in 2025

Formula 1 officials announced on Thursday that six sprint races will be on the menu next season.

Sprint races made their debut in Formula 1 in 2021, and although they have often changed format and have not always convinced of their interest, they will be back on the program in 2025.

This Thursday, F1 leaders unveiled the calendar of sprint races for next season, and there will be six of them: in China on March 22, in Miami on May 3, in Belgium on July 26, in Austin on October 18, in Brazil on November 8 and in Qatar on November 29. The Sao Paulo circuit is the only one that will have hosted five sprint races in five years. For Austin and Qatar, it will be the third time, and for China, Miami and Belgium, the second.

Three wins for Verstappen this season

“The Sprint has been a huge success for Formula 1, bringing more action and racing to the track for all our fans. We see this in our audience data, in the attendance figures on Fridays and with promoters and partners. As we prepare to celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2025, we will continue to celebrate our incredible history, but we must always look to the future, innovate and improve to deliver the best for our ever-growing and diverse fans.” The Sprint is a great example of bringing new elements to our sport while respecting the Championship.and I would like to thank the six venues that will host the Sprint in 2025 and look forward to these incredible events throughout the season,” said Formula 1 President Stefano Domenicali.

This season, three sprint races have been held in China, Miami and Austria (all won by Max Verstappen) and the next three will take place in Austin, Brazil and Qatar, in a format with sprint qualifying on Friday, and sprint race on Saturday, followed by the qualifying session.

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