Sainz's regrets

Sainz’s regrets

Finally fifth in the Miami Grand Prix last Sunday, Carlos Sainz nevertheless remains convinced that he could have deprived Lando Norris of victory. But to be able to win, the Spaniard believes that he would have had to come back to the pits a lap later than he did.

After having tasted the podium fifteen times without having the pleasure of popping the champagne, Lando Norris celebrated his very first victory in F1 on Sunday by winning at a Miami Grand Prix marked precisely by the choice of McLaren team to make around ten changes (and not the least) to the cars driven by the young British driver and his Australian teammate Oscar Piastri. Carlos Sainz, ultimately 5th in the race after being penalized by five seconds following his collision with Piastri, cannot digest this first success for Norris.

With hindsight, the Spaniard is indeed certain that it was his Ferrari which could have passed the checkered flag first on Sunday in Florida. The former McLaren driver believes that his victory came down to one trick. The one his team should have waited for to bring him into the pits instead of doing him a lap earlier, that is to say just before the Safety Car entered the track after the collision between Logan Sargeant (Williams) and Kevin Magnussen (Haas).

Vasseur: “I forgot my crystal ball”

A fatal choice, according to a “frustrated” Sainz. “We were in front of Norris before the pit stop before the Safety Car. If we had done one more lap, we would have caught the safety car and we could have won the race. » An analysis that Frédéric Vasseur does not necessarily share, who prefers to have fun with this bad timing which however seemed impossible to anticipate.

“I forgot my crystal ball, I didn’t know that Sargeant and Magnussen were going to face each other in the next round! “, joked the French boss of the Ferrari team, who on the other hand deplored the incredible error made by the commissioners in sending the Safety Car in front of Max Verstappen and not in front of Norris, who nevertheless occupied the first position, like the “slowness” of this safety car. “It was a really good move in the end for Lando. » Not enough to console Sainz, who also regretted having “wasted a lot of time” with Piastri.

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