Ruined Paganelli, on the street, the sordid story

Ruined Paganelli, on the street, the sordid story

Having become one of the emblematic faces of French football for many years, Laurent Paganelli has nonetheless had a complicated post-career.

Singled out for his sometimes approximate interviews, Laurent Paganelli is nonetheless one of the most popular speakers on Canal+. His good nature and his sense of repartee make us forget his translation errors or his apparent ignorance of football news. Appreciated for his ineffable smile, the former Stéphanois was not always this sunny character appreciated by his colleagues.

The native of Aubenas indeed experienced a family tragedy, which precipitated the end of his career: the death of his brother. A death for which he felt responsible. “In fact, I have often said that I stopped playing football because my body was no longer keeping up. Which was true, because it was expensive. But it was especially the death of my brother that made me stop playing football. I was taking pills, pfff… I wasn’t sleeping anymore. I was followed by a specialist who told me that I could no longer continue, that I had to evacuate. It was retirement or else… I don’t know where I was going… I had just had my son Junior. He was six months old. We had to stop,” he confided to West France in 2021.

“I ended up in the phone booth”

And more recently his wife also spoke of this terrible depression. “Laurent suffered a long depression. It was serious, serious. Two years… Clubs approached him, but he couldn’t play. He was flat. It was like an illness,” she pointed out. Laurent Paganelli was then on the brink, psychologically but also financially. And Canal+’s proposal to join the encrypted channel acted as a lifeline.

“Canal allowed me to make a living from my passion. When I stopped playing football, I had nothing,” he told So Foot, explaining that he had to sleep outside when he was in Paris, unable to finance accommodation in the capital: “At the time, I was freelancing, at the game. Making €1,000 in a month was a miracle. I slept in the Gare de Lyon at the beginning. We got fired at 2 a.m., I ended up in the phone booth.”

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