Riolo guns (again) Luis Enrique

Riolo guns (again) Luis Enrique

While Luis Enrique’s management seems to be bearing fruit at PSG, Daniel Riolo continues to strongly criticize the Spanish technician.

At the end of Sunday evening’s “Classic”, won (0-2) by Paris Saint-Germain, Florent Gautreau and Daniel Riolo had a particularly heated debate concerning the management of Luis Enrique. The first journalist pointed out to his colleague that the management of the Spanish technician was exemplary.

Daniel Riolo then began to lose his temper. “We have the right to discuss a coach? I have the impression that since there was Luis Enrique, we no longer have the right. Since he ate your brain, we’re no longer allowed to talk about it. Are his choices the right ones? To play Vitinha in 8? To make Mbappé play where he should? »he asked.

Riolo rams Luis Enrique

For several weeks, Géraldine Maillet’s companion has made Luis Enrique one of his favorite targets. “My first criticism is his comments, bullshit. Two: his choices. It’s going around in circles to have a better team than the one I’ve been describing for six months,” the sidekick of Gilbert Brisbois was offended, while Florent Gautreau did not let himself be deterred.

And Daniel Riolo drives home the point about Luis Enrique: “I can’t stand it when he comes in and says that Barça is his favorite club and that there are four or five players who could play for PSG, you don’t need to hear that. If he had said that to OM, it would turn the stadium upside down, it’s a shame. His career does not show that he is a genius.”

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