Riolo complained to PSG about being threatened

Riolo complained to PSG about being threatened

The sports journalist had been threatened publicly, but also in a private message, by Marquinhos’ brother.

On February 14, Paris Saint-Germain won (2-0) against Real Sociedad, during their round of 16 first leg of the Champions League. Following this meeting, Daniel Riolo strongly criticized Marquinhos. Which earned the sports journalist to be physically threatened on social media by the brother of the Brazilian defender.

On the DiversGens YouTube channelthe sports journalist returned to this clash. “On Insta, Marquinhos’ brother came to spoil me. He expected me not to respond. I sent him to fuck off. I said to him: ‘Do you realize what you’re saying to me? Fuck you. What are you talking to me like that, isn’t it okay?’. Afterwards, he stopped”revealed the editorialist.

“We talk like that”

Gilbert Brisbois’ sidekick even complained about this behavior directly to PSG. “ I said to the guy at the club: ‘The brother of the PSG captain comes to insult a journalist on social networks and you don’t say anything?’. They told me: ‘Yes, you’re right, but at the same time, you too, sometimes, be more respectful.’ I said, ‘Okay, no problem.’ I used an image about the player that wasn’t great, basically that he was shitting himself. OK very good. I want to hear that it’s not good, instead you can say I think he’s psychologically weak, more than he ends the match with poop on his thighs. There are more elegant things, but we talk like that. Frankly, the guys don’t realize that we are nothing compared to what can be said abroad. It’s 10 times larger », underlines Daniel Riolo.

A few days ago, “L’After Foot” on RMC celebrated its 18th anniversary. This is the show that allowed Daniel Riolo to become known, often for controversial remarks towards certain players or managers of football clubs.

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