Quartararo not fully convinced

Quartararo not fully convinced

While he was able to test this Tuesday drafts of the 2024 motorcycle that Yamaha will offer, Fabio Quartararo assured that he wanted to see a real step forward for the next tests, next February at Sepang.

Fabio Quartararo was not fully convinced. While many observers only had eyes for Marc Marquez’s first laps aboard a Ducati, the 2021 world champion was able to put to the test different elements envisaged by Yamaha for his motorcycle 2024. The director of the Italian team Massimo Meregalli assured the press that the tuning fork brand had “ a new aerodynamic assembly, a new chassis, and also a small evolution on Misano engine elements to be evaluated ».

If the latter confided that a hint of satisfaction, in particular concerning the aerodynamic element, which is always taking on more importance in MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo assured that “ the management is good » but above all calls for “finding balance on the motorbike because it changes the position of the motorbike enormously”. The French rider, who admits to having “a lot to adjust”, is not yet convinced that Yamaha has reduced the gap. “ We remain very far from the leading men “, he added.

Quartararo: “We are still as far away as before”

Arriving in the Valencia paddock without “great expectations for this test” but with the desire to “always aim high”, Fabio Quartararo affirms that there has been “progress”, without it being sufficient. “ The reality is that we are still as far away as before, thundered the Habs to the press at the end of this last day of testing of the year. But it is true that as a driver I want to race and fight for victories, and if I really have to do additional tests to perform well, I’ll be happy to do them but we have to work really hard and have a real idea of ​​what we need to come back. »

More precisely, the Frenchman was absolutely not convinced by the new chassis tested this Tuesday and sees improvement regarding the engine, which remained with a very bad impression during the Misano tests last September. “ On the engine side, when we went from the previous one to the new one, we gained a few kilometers per hour, that’s fine. », Confided the Nice resident, who added that the equipment made available to him was “just a little bit” better.

Quartararo: “The gap is still too big today”

Before discussing with his managers to decide the direction to take, Fabio Quartararo hopes to have “more ability to turn thanks to aerodynamics”. “ This will be one of the things to see in Malaysia because there are corners there where the ability to turn is very important, he added. There, we will see him a lot. » Due to the new regulations in force from 2024, Fabio Quartararo will be able to take part in six days of testing in Malaysia, even if he doubts that this possibility will change the situation.

“I don’t know if it will be enough, but for me it’s really important to get closer to them. The gap is still too big todayhe lamented once again. We are still very, very far from what we want but I think and I hope that these three more days in Malaysia will allow us to arrive in Qatar closer. » As he enters his last year of contract with Yamaha, “El Diablo” intends to win his case, under penalty of slamming the door at the end of 2024.

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