Pierre Ménès operated on urgently

Pierre Ménès operated on urgently

The former star consultant of Canal Football Club is once again the victim of health problems. Pierre Ménès indeed suffers from a “stomach incision”.

New health concerns for Pierre Ménès. The former star consultant of Canal Football Club had to play snooker again this week, due to a sudden problem.

“Sorry but I had emergency surgery for a stomach incision. I didn’t see a minute of the match (Dortmund-PSG, editor’s note) and unfortunately I think it will be the same for OM. Sorry, I just came back from the OR and I’m going to be hospitalized for several days. The party continues »informs Pierre Ménès, in a message posted this Thursday morning via X (formerly Twitter).

According to Doctissimo, Abdominal hernia most often occurs following a previous operation. “After an abdominal operation or laparotomy, swelling of the abdominal wall may appear,” explains the specialist site. The organs and fat then become lodged there and the patient suffers from a hernia – also called an incisional hernia. The major risk is strangulation, a life-threatening emergency that requires surgical intervention. »

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