Philippe Candeloro, the huge rant

Philippe Candeloro, the huge rant

Rather appreciated by viewers, Philippe Candeloro will not comment on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on France Télévisions. A big disappointment.

With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in addition to traditional events like Roland-Garros and the Tour de France, the coming months promise to be busy in sport on France Télévisions. But for Philippe Candeloro, the summer will be calm. The former double Olympic medalist is not part of the system put in place by the public audiovisual group for the Olympic fortnight. News that he has a little difficulty digesting.

“The 2024 Olympic Games, you must not count on merevealed the commentator in the show Facing Hanouna, broadcast on Sunday on the C8 channel. France Télévisions considers me to be a consultant in figure skating. There is no figure skating at the Paris 2024 Games because this discipline is only present at the Winter Olympics. So in fact, we don’t mix tea towels and towels…”

Candeloro victime de « discrimination invisible »

A blessing in disguise, if you listen to him. Because the four-time French figure skating champion (52 years old), whose duo with Nelson Monfort will end next December, no longer takes as much pleasure in commenting as before. Sometimes criticized for his slip-ups on the air, Philippe Candeloro is less and less able to tolerate having to censor himself. “I call it invisible discrimination,” he blurted.

“France Télévisions, when they came for me 16 years ago, it was precisely because I had this big mouth and this somewhat nice side. We came to listen to the skating more than watch ithe continued, admitting today to being bored at the microphone, during the events that he still has to cover. I feel like I’m copying and pasting from one competition to another. We can no longer be natural. »

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