Patrick Montel, the incredible comeback!

Patrick Montel, the incredible comeback!

Former emblematic athletics presenter on France Télévisions, Patrick Montel will make his comeback on television. An astonishing return to say the least.

Patrick Montel is preparing to return to service. And this time not just to talk about athletics for the radio that bears his name. Last summer, if he was present in Budapest for the World Athletics Championships, it was in fact only to officiate for his Radio Montel podcast. A return which had not gone unnoticed and which had pushed some to launch a petition to demand the return behind a microphone of the former emblematic figure of France Télévisions for the Olympic Games.

The appeal, signed by nearly 50,000 Internet users, was clearly not heard and Patrick Montel does not seem likely to have one last lap at the Olympics. However, the Parisian, aged 71, will participate in a new show. Not sport but entertainment. The program, called “The apprentice champions” and broadcast on W9 from May 29 will pit reality TV figures performing Olympic sports.

Muriel Hurtis and Pierre-Ambroise Boss of the game

And if the show will be presented by Laurent Maistret, winner of Koh-Lanta 2014 and now television host, Patrick Montel will comment on the performances of the different candidates, who will have to measure themselves in a 100 meters, a 400 meters, the javelin throw or synchronized swimming.

Two former athletics figures will also be there: Muriel Hurtis, world champion in the 4×100 meters in 2003, and Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, world champion in the 800 meters in 2017.

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