Patrick Montel at the Olympics, yes!

Patrick Montel at the Olympics, yes!

Four years after his departure from France Télévisions, journalist Patrick Montel, 71, joined the RTL system with a view to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

It’s definitely a good time for Patrick Montel. As a lover of athletics, the former France Télévisions commentator must have been thrilled by the great performances of the French during the last European Championships. And the 71-year-old journalist can also prepare for his return to the air in view of the Paris Olympic Games.

David Larramendy, new president of the M6 ​​group, revealed the presence of Patrick Montel on RTL this summer. “We will be the official radio station of the Paris Olympic Games (with in particular Marie-José Pérec and Henri Leconte as consultants). And I can also announce to you that Patrick Montel is joining us for the occasion! Our listeners will benefit from his 35 years of experience and his unique voice as a commentator, so recognizable, which has accompanied all the greatest moments in world athletics”explains the manager in L’Equipe.

Patricl Montel was for a long time the flagship athletics commentator on France Télévisions, before being gradually sidelined from 2019. The following year, he announced his retirement in an edition of Stade 2. Since the year past, Patrick Montel launched a few appeals to obtain accreditation for the Paris Olympics in order to experience this immense event.
He even relayed a petition on the subject.
His dream was finally fulfilled.

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