Pascal Praud, the scandalous report

Pascal Praud, the scandalous report

An old report by Pascal Praud at Téléfoot has resurfaced, sparking indignation Lilian Thuram.

Pascal Praud found nothing wrong with the results of the European elections on Sunday, or with the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly by the President of the Republic. Quite the contrary. “Last night, France said no to Emmanuel Macron and yes to the return of authority,” said the CNews editorialist on Monday.

For many, the former Téléfoot reporter has also participated in the rise of the far-right in recent years. But the native of Nantes did not wait to be on CNews to convey racist ideas. As evidenced by one of his former reports for Téléfoot in which he notably brings down the players nevenings of a referee’s team. Images that provoked outrage.

“All the stereotypes are there”

“Incredible story. Incredible because through this mini extract you have the staging, the show and even the words. We play on the paradox. All the stereotypes are there. They come down from the treetop, of course, they are monkeys because it will make you laugh”observed historian Pascal Blanchard as part of Mohamed Bouhafsi’s documentary “Des cris dans le stadium”, which will be broadcast this Tuesday on France 5.

“Everyone understands. All generations. Even our children understood the monkey pun perfectly. Without him having to say it, he continued. If we make them jump from the tree, it’s very clear, the question is where they come from. They don’t come from Africa. They come from the tree like monkeys. »

Asked, Lilian Thuram also shared her disgust. “People who experience racism, very often, they think they understand racism. Actually no. The orca you suffer racism, you live in the same society which hierarchizes according to skin color”notably breathed the former world champion, on the front line in the fight against racism.

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