Pascal Praud?  Stupor and shattering departure!

Pascal Praud? Stupor and shattering departure!

A month and then gone. Having just arrived at the Europe 1 Ethics Committee, Jean-Luc Hees has decided to leave his post, heartbroken by Pascal Praud’s broadcasts.

Jean-Luc Hees will only have passed through. Just one month after the announcement of his arrival at the Europe 1 ethics committee last December, the former president of Radio France has in fact given up. He opened up about it in the columns of Libération, pointing out the quality of the broadcasts of the Bolloré group station and particularly targeting Pascal Praud, its emblematic figure.

“I hadn’t listened to Europe 1 for forty years, and then I listened to the station between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.…” he confided without naming the former Téléfoot journalist. But since the start of the school year, the slot has been occupied by Pascal Praud and more precisely by his show “L’Heure des pros”, broadcast on CNews.

“Listening to this made me break out”

“I didn’t know that there would be this at the start of the school year, nor did Philippe de Villiers (former MEP, founder of Puy-du-Fou in Vendée and support for Éric Zemmour in the 2022 presidential election, editor’s note). Listening to this, I started to break out. I have other things to do, like take care of my dog,” continued the man who started at the ORTF and who had previously taken a seat on the ethics committee of the controversial Russian television channel RT.

The Europe 1 ethics committee, which must legally be composed of three independent personalities, is now reduced to the bare minimum since only Benedicte Wautelet, legal director of the Figaro group appointed in 2017, remains. Jacques Lallain, former journalist from “Parisien” appointed in 2021, who chaired the committee at the time of the arrival of Jean-Luc Hees, also slammed the door at the start of the year ” for personal reasons “.

“The committee relating to the honesty, independence and pluralism of information and programs of Europe 1 or ethics committee was created in application of the Bloche law of November 14, 2016”, had explained Europe 1 at the time of the arrival of Jean-Luc Hees, recalling that he had to ensure “to strengthen the freedom, independence and pluralism of the media”.

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