Pascal Praud destroys Kylian Mbappé

Pascal Praud destroys Kylian Mbappé

On CNews, Pascal Praud mocked Kylian Mbappé’s stance against the extremes in view of the legislative elections.

Sunday, Kylian Mbappé took the floor to discuss the political situation in France. The captain of the Blues, currently in Germany where he is preparing to compete in Euro 2024, then called on the French to mobilize against the extremes in view of the legislative elections (next June 30 and July 7). A speech which did not fail to provoke a reaction.

In his editorial for the show L’Heure des Pros, this Monday on CNews, Pascal Praud made fun of the comments of the new Real Madrid striker. “Kylian Mbappé took a solemn tone and spoke about himself in the third person to announce to France that the moment is serious, that the sequence is historic and that he, Kylian Mbappé, had to speak to the world and to the city. We must fight the extremes, said the captain of the Blues, but as everyone knows, some are more extreme than others for the press officers of the camp of good of which Mr. Mbappé is a figure.launched the CNews journalist.

Pascal Praud: “Mabppé outlines the catechism of anti-RN”

And to add: “When he speaks of tolerance, diversity and respect, everyone guesses that he is spelling out the catechism of the anti-RN who accept Mr. Poutou, candidate of the Popular Front in the legislative elections and who shouts no pasaran to Jordan Bardella and his friends. Mbappé adds that he is aligned with the position of Marcus Thuram, another international in Didier Deschamps’ team. (…) Mbappé and Thuram are citizens and as such, they have the right to express their beliefs. »

Pascal Praud then attacked Marcus
who for his part clearly called on the French to mobilize against the far right. “At least this declaration from Thuram will delight those who fight wage inequalities, if the Popular Front passes on July 7, salaries above 400,000 euros per year will be taxed at 90%, he blurted. 400,000 euros is 20 times less than Marcus Thuram’s current income. I am sure that he will willingly accept this drastic reduction in his salary. Except he’s not concerned, he’s playing in Italy. Nevertheless, no pasaran requires some sacrifices, even if they are financial, but what is money when the future of the homeland is at stake? »

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