Journalist Olivier Ménard victim of appalling attack

Olivier Ménard attacked, “the important announcement”

Attacked ten days ago, the presenter of the “L’Équipe” channel, Olivier Ménard, will make his big return to the air this Thursday.

The announcement shocked more than one. On June 10, as he returned to his home in the middle of the day,

Olivier Ménard was the victim of a heinous attack
. Placed on the ground by an individual, the journalist was then hit several times in the face. Shocked and arrested with several days of total incapacity for work (ITT),

he is preparing to make his comeback
on air. The announcement was made Wednesday evening.

And it was his makeshift replacement, Giovanni Castaldi, who confirmed it. At the helm of the show “ The evening team », created and presented since 2008 by his colleague, the former companion of Carine Galli told viewers that his interim period was coming to an end. “ Very important announcement, tomorrow (Thursday), return of Olivier Ménard. We are very happy to see you again, Mémé. » Cut by Olivier Rouyer, present on the set and who launched an amusing and amusing: “ Ah, well it’s about time », Giovanni Castaldi still added a few words.

Premiere for Euro 2024

« You were fed up with me, Grandma returns tomorrow. We kiss you very much and we can’t wait to see you again all smiles on the air. » Olivier Ménard will therefore regain control of his show which he will host for the very first time since the start of Euro 2024 which is currently taking place in Germany. And the evening program will be busy since, in addition to the
late afternoon match between Denmark and Englandthe journalist and his guests will have the opportunity to debrief a tantalizing Spain-Italy (9 p.m.).

If he returns to business on a professional level, Olivier Ménard nevertheless keeps a very attentive eye on the continuation of the investigation relating to his attack, he who filed a complaint against his attacker who has not yet been identified by the police.

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