Olivier Ménard attacked, “L’Équipe” gives news

Olivier Ménard attacked, “L’Équipe” gives news

The journalist and presenter of the L’Équipe channel, Olivier Ménard, was attacked last Monday. Absent from the air since then, he will still miss several days, as the media indicated on Friday.

The story inevitably shocked The Team.
Key presenter of the show “ The evening team » for more than fifteen years,
Olivier Ménard was attacked last Monday
at the end of the morning, at the bottom of his building. Placed on the ground and hit several times in the face, the journalist obviously did not present his program, replaced several days ago by Giovanni Castaldi. His employer gave some details about his general state of health, indicating this Friday that he would not return until next week.

Shocked but combative, Olivier Ménard nevertheless benefited from several days of total incapacity for work (ITT). The media also specified that it would “ well physically and morally “. Questioned on the subject, the director of the television center of The TeamJérôme Saporito added: “ We expect his return at the end of next week. We can’t wait to see him again because EDS is his baby. »

Support that “warms the heart”

While Euro 2024 started on Friday, the news is, in fact, particularly busy on the sporting level and the channel is more than ever focused on football news. While waiting to return to the helm of his program, Olivier Ménard is recovering from his emotions and the very painful moment he has just experienced and endured. Although he was able to see his attacker, he indicated that he had never seen him before.

The matter will not stop there since the journalist has filed a complaint for attempted homicide. It also benefits from numerous testimonies of support, as Jérôme Saporito indicated: “ He warmly thanks everyone who showed their support. It warms the heart. » Viewers and journalists of « The evening team » are impatiently awaiting the return of Olivier Ménard.

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