Olivier Ménard attacked, he receives a shower of support

Olivier Ménard attacked, he receives a shower of support

Leading presenter on the L’Équipe channel, Olivier Ménard was the victim of a violent attack Monday morning. Since then, there have been numerous messages of support.

For regulars of the channel’s late-night programs
The Team, Olivier Ménard is a familiar face. Presenter of the show “ The evening team » since 2008, Angevin has been discussing current sporting topics with his guests every evening of the week. But since Monday, the journalist has been mysteriously absent. Replaced three days ago by his colleague Giovanni Castaldi, Olivier Ménard was the victim of a violent attack this Mondayas revealed by The Parisian. As a result, he was granted several days of total incapacity for work (ITT). While waiting for his return, there are numerous messages of support.

On social networks of course, with dozens of anonymous people who sent him their wishes for a good recovery. Several colleagues and fellow journalists also posted messages, like Carine Galli, a regular speaker on her show and on the channel: “ Grandma is the ‘chef’ that everyone dreams of having! In this environment where hypocrisy reigns, Mémé is unique. It is exactly the same in ON and OFF. What a joy to be part of your group. The EDS team loves you. » Alexandre Ruiz sent “ a sweet thought for Olivier Ménard and his family ».

“We love you very much”

Once the news was made public, several journalists from the show also gave their support to their colleague. On Wednesday evening, Bertrand Latour, for example, expressed himself: “ We have a bit of a bleeding heart because what happened to Olivier Ménard is shameful. » As for the reserve presenter, Giovanni Castaldi, he started the show with a little note: “ We have a huge thought for Olivier Ménard. We wish you an excellent recovery. We can’t wait to see you next week at the helm of your show, we love you very much my Grandma. Get well soon. »

While returning home late Monday morning, Olivier Ménard was attacked by an individual “ African type ”, according to the victim. The attacker came from behind, knocked the journalist to the ground and punched him several times in the face, according to The Parisian. He would also have criticized Olivier Ménard for having insulted his mother. The presenter, however, claimed to have never dealt with or even known his attacker. An investigation is underway to try to find the perpetrator. Olivier Ménard should return to the helm of his show in the coming days, with more than busy news since Euro 2024 begins this Friday.

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