Ogier: “The impression that we deserved better”

Ogier: “The impression that we deserved better”

Beaten on Sunday by two tenths by Ott Tänak during the Sardinia rally, Sébastien Ogier seemed quite unhappy with the organizers, even if he preferred to put things into perspective.

Winner of the Croatian and Portuguese rallies in recent weeks, Sébastien Ogier narrowly missed the three-way mark in Sardinia. Indeed, while he was in the lead before the last specials on Sunday, the Frenchman finally had to settle for 2nd place behind Ott Tänak by two tenths due to a puncture. A tiny gap which is the smallest in WRC history, tied with Ogier’s victory against Jari-Matti Latvala in Jordan in 2011. Even if this result does not change much in the ranking of drivers and manufacturers, the Gapençais did not hold back from railing against the organizers.

“About three kilometers from the finish, there was a stone in full trajectory on a part at full speed… It was a big impact that I couldn’t do anything about. You have seen what the special stage looks like, it is so narrow that there is only one trajectory, which widens enormously…” Ogier declared in particular on this subject.

Ogier: “It’s never a pleasant feeling”

« In my eyes, it’s a special stage that isn’t really worthy of the World Championship. It’s cross country… The organizers are doing a very bad job with that because it’s a lottery,” the Frenchman subsequently explained, in comments collected by L’Equipe.

“A scenario that resembles my victory in Jordan in 2011 against Latvala? At least I can share this feeling with my boss (Latvala is the boss of the Toyota team)! But it’s never a pleasant feeling, especially given the work we accomplished all weekend. I feel like we deserved better. There’s not much to say! It’s motorsport, continued Ogier, a bit fatalistic in relation to his misadventure. Sometimes trouble happens… At least I can tell myself that there is nothing I could have done differently on the action. And then you have to know how to put things into perspective. »

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